36 thoughts on “Meet Abby

  1. James says:

    Miss you on M.O.F….you make the show complete, its like your missing out on all the passion and excitement,truly hope this part of your life, is giving you what your missing all the best.Abby


  2. B B Thorton says:

    So much for the new online site. You lasted longer on Masters of flip than you did on your own site. To be honest youre missed from Masters. The new chick kisses ass and contributes nothing and is not even hot like you.


  3. Brett Edwards says:

    Hey Abby love you on mof be great to see you doing a interior design show again as you are so easy to follow and understand.Come and do something in Australia for our conditions please


  4. Peter geden says:

    Hi Abby. Love watching you on masters of flip here in the uk. Your a very talented and beautiful young women. Wow! Stunning. Keep up the fantastic work. Take care! All the best.


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