Enjoy Tequila- The RIGHT Way!


The first time you ever had tequila was probably awful, yes? Well I’ve learned to appreciate this agave beauty! There are a ton of great tequila selections out there that are being ignored because of bad country songs and dorm room party horror stories. So pull up your pantalones and get sippin’!


How to start enjoying Tequila- the RIGHT way:

i. Stop ordering shots of bar rail tequila that should instead be mixed in a margarita- i.e Jose Cuervo & Sauza Gold or Silver. Also- forget the lemon wedge and salt shaker. Gross.

ii. Ask for a bar rail tequila with Soda and a bit of bar lime (fresh lime juice, NOT lime cordial). It’s like a not-sweet margarita. A perfectly simple drink to have at a bar that perhaps doesn’t carry anything in a higher caliber spirit.

iii. Go to a tequila tasting. Often larger cities such as Toronto will offer tequila tastings at particular mexican inspired restaurants. El Caballito does a great tasting session for large groups. Also El Catrin in the Distillery district often offers you complimentary tastings before you order a “sippable”. Sit at the bar- their bartenders are super knowledgable and very generous with their tequila samplings 🙂

iiii. Lastly- hit up Reposado on Ossington. It’s a small place but this is where you’ll learn the most. Grab a seat at the wood and ask for a flight that will get you into it. I absolutely adore their tomato juice chaser that is served with their tequila cesars!

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