Spaghetti With Meat Sauce

Spaghetti with Spicy Homemade Meat Sauce

I come from a pretty basic Irish/Scottish background… but I swear I’ve got some Italian in there too. I love bread. I love pasta. I love red sauce. I love cured meats and cheese. And I love bread. Bread. Once I ate an entire french loaf in my car on the way home from the grocery store. Im not proud of this… but it hints at my love for Italian food. Enter- Spaghetti and Spicy Meat Sauce. This is one of my go-to meals if I need a quick dish.. but its also a great feel good meal.

Ingredients:Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 6.55.07 PM


One handful of Spaghetti

Boiled Water

Sea Salt

Fresh Parmasean for topping

Fresh Basil for Garnish


1 Jar of Tomato/Basil or Red Sauce (yeah you can make your own but I love the Presidents Choice pasta sauces- usually on sale for $1.99. Plus we’ll add to the sauce)

1 tsp Chili Powder of Cayenne

1 tsp Cracked Pepper

1 tsp Sea Salt

1 tsp of Garlic Salt

1/4 tsp of Hot Sauce (Habanero does the trick)

2 Large Cloves of Garlic (3 if you love Garlic like I do)

1/2 tsp Olive Oil

1 tsp Dried Parsley Flakes

3 or 4 Fresh Basil Leaves

6-10 Halved Cherry Tomatoes (or whatever kind you like)

Starting with the sauce (because the pasta only takes a few minutes), chop the Garlic and put a deep frying pan on a burner at medium heat. I like to use a frying pan instead of a pot because I find it cooks your sauce more evenly. Heat the Olive Oil and add the chopped Garlic. It should sizzle! Next add your Halved Cherry Tomatoes, Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper. Once the Garlic and Tomatoes have a good chance to absorb the S&P, add the jar of Red Sauce or whatever you picked up. Stir. Then add the Chili Powder or Cayenne, Garlic Salt, Hot Sauce and Parsley Flakes and Fresh Basil Leaves. Reduce heat to low and simmer for about 10-15 minutes. The Tomatoes will be soft but shouldn’t be completely crushed.

(This part is super complicated…) In a large pot, bring water to boil. Once boiled, add Sea Salt and add handful of Pasta. Cook for about 8 minutes. Pasta should be malleable but not too soft.

Drain the Pasta, and transfer to a **warmed plate**! Warming your plate is so important with pasta dishes because pasta tends to cool very quickly. Aside from the sauce, it doesn’t retain a lot of heat. So warm up those plates!

Top the pasta with as much sauce as you like. Garnish with Fresh Shaved Parmesan (yum) and some Fresh Basil Leaves.


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