Avocado on Toast

Sliced Avocado on Toasted Multigrain

One thing I absolutely adore as a snack is some simple sliced avocado on a piece of toast. This is hardly a recipe, rather just a nice quick snack idea. It’s one of those things that you can have fun with and add in your own ingredients.

Ingredients:Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 6.57.20 PM


1 piece of Multigrain


½ Avocado

Salt & Pepper

Fresh Cilantro

Simply halve the avocado and slice it with a paring knife lengthwise. I like to leave the other half of the avocado with the pit in it (it helps to keep it fresher, longer). Lightly spoon out the sliced insides onto a cutting board. Toast your Multigrain or whatever type of bread you prefer. Arrange the sliced Avocado on the toast and garnish with Salt, Pepper and some Fresh Cilantro!

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