Top 5 Date Spots: Toronto

I absolutely love to go out. Dinner, drinks, brunch- anything. What I love the most are those little gems around the city that offer fantastic cocktails, ambiance and a perfect setting for a date!

Below are my top 5 go-to spots. Click on the photo for a direct link to their website and check out their awesome menus. Also- they all have wicked Instagram accounts. Photo credit will show their username.

Happy dining!

1. Bar Chef

Bar Chef has been one of my favourite spots in the city for a very long time. The bar is pretty well entirely lit by candle light (my fave!) and they offer an excellent of array of cocktails. The bar itself is lined with house made syrups and the service is fantastic. While they offer a small food menu, I would recommend this gorgeous venue as an after-dinner spot.



photo credit: barcheftoronto /


2. Colette Grand Café

Colette is a GORGEOUS little spot beside the Thompson Hotel on Wellington St. downtown. Owned by the Chase Group, Colette offers an upscale european vibe with exquisite cuisine and an even better wine list. They’ve also got a beautiful patio that opens up in the summer! A perfect location for a special dinner with a special someone. Reservations recommended.



photo credit: colettetoronto /


Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.56.28 AM3. Portland Variety

Portland Variety is a great combination of classy & casual. They have an assortment of fantastic tapas style dishes that are fun to share with a date! Their wine prices are pretty decent and of course they make an outrageous Negroni (ask them to smoke your glass if you order one) Its perfection.  I’ve been able to walk in most nights without a reservation.



photo credit: portlandvariety /


Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.03.21 AM4. Citta

Citta just opened up this year and its a sweet little spot if you’re in the mood for Italian! They have delicious pizzas that are all made by hand in house and cooked in a gorgeous stone fire oven. The smell of the smoke from the fire, and the wine and the cheese… oh boy! Makes me hungry just thinking of this place. Reservations recommended for this one as well.



photo credit: cittatoronto /


Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.12.51 AM5. El Catrin

If you’re feeling a little sassy, then this is the place for you! Not only do they serve amazing fresh guacamole and bang-on Mexican-inspired favourites, they have the most extravagant tequila wall I have ever seen! Sit at the bar with your date and do some tequila tastings! The bartenders are brilliant and are always very friendly and willing to walk you through some savvy tequila intel.



photo credit: elcatrinca /


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